Git is a popular and powerful tool for software development and reproducible research.

Learning Git can be a bit of a challenge (thank you XKCD):

Github comic

Fortunately, there are good online tutorials that show you how to get started using Git. Even for the (majority of?) people who use it like in this comic, it’s still pretty useful.

YouTube video

For a quick way to get started using Github from within RStudio, here is a tutorial on YouTube:

Interactive tutorials

For hands-on tutorials on Git, you can check out the GitHub-CodeSchool and Codecademy tutorials below:

MOOC Format

On Coursera, the Data Scientist’s Toolbox is also an excellent way to get started using Git and GitHub, the web-based hosting service.

RStudio Webinars

RStudio posts webinars on several topics including writing code, debugging, package writing, projects and using Github with RStudio.

Altassian Website

The Altassian website provides several pages of tutorials for using git and its commands. Their diagrams are very useful!

Additional Resources

There are additional resources for learning Git and GitHub from the Coursera course:

Waldron Lab

Waldron Lab Research Website